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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

CAFTCAD General Meeting

On June 3rd we held our General Meeting at Toronto Film Studios, Toronto.

It was inspiring to see a room of costume people, from all sectors of our industry together, engaged and interested in our various initiatives.

Besides various individuals, there was  a strong showing from most of the Rental houses in the city, including Juul Haalmeyer from Homemade Tarts, Olivier Normand  @ Tribe Trading Co., Ken McGuire from Liberty, Caitlin Webster @ The Wearhouse and Tarah Burke from Apres Wrap. Also present was Bridget Faroo from 'Wotever., 
All in all there was a real positive mood towards the Alliance.

Thanks to all that made it out and stay tuned, we're just getting started.

CAFTCAD core group

CAFTCAD Core group pictured above, from left:  
Kathy Vieira, Martha Mann, Luis Sequeira, Ruth Secord, Ian Drummond, Alex Kavanagh, Laura Montgomery & Joanna Syrokomla. 

Absent members include: Ann Dixon, Antoinette Messam, Gersha Phillips & Delphine White. Special mentions to our early core group members that have helped us including: Lea Carlson, Brian Cupid and Dorothy Crutcher.

Many people,with the common belief in CAFTCAD.

Haven't heard of us? Want more info? email us:

We can send you a digital information package and/ or answer any questions.

Stay tuned for upcoming membership info meetings for those who couldn't make it on the 3rd. 

Applications can either mailed to our address on Richmond St. West  or dropped off at:  
Ian Drummond Collection - 366 Adelaide St. West


alexkav said...

It was a great meeting, thanks to the core group for all the hard work (which has still only just begun!!), and thanks to all that attended!!!