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Friday, October 3, 2008

Party Photos from the CAFTCAD Film Fest Reception

Too bad we can't hear the music, conversation and laughter of the evening...

Sponsor Nobis' designer Desmond with party organizer Antoinette Messam and Nobis' Robin J. Yates

Michelle Easton of Edelman Public Relations and Lisa French

CAFTCAD member Juul Haalmeyer and Allison Bird from Liberty

Emily, Eini, Karen, Susan, and Gladys

Producers Ani Baravyan, Joe Boccia, and Antonella LaCapara
CAFTCAD Member Bridgit Faroo of Wotever Inc, and Tom Foster from Kombie

The Fine Gentlemen from Sponsor Aquarius Menswear

Hi Hong, Dominic and Eleni from TNT
CAFTCAD Secretary Joanna Syrokomla with writer/director/actor Peter Stebbings
CAFTCAD Vice President Ruth Secord with Member Billie Blast, Arianna from Holt Refrew, and Member Andrea Carini

Swag sponsors Dion Neckwear

Member Nola Chaters, Antoinette Messam, Susan Dicks, CAFTCAD Treasurer Ian Drummond and Joanna Syrokomla
David Hackl, Donna Wong, Amy Stulburg, and Alex Kavanagh
"Thanks for the great party. You guys did such a fantastic job of putting it together. I think that everyone who came was very impressed. It was a great way to feature the work of so many talented people. I'm proud to be associated with you all." David Hackl

Members Lindsay Fox and Sheila Pruden with Adam Smith's armoured display

Member Laura Mongomery and Rachel Ford

Member Delphine White with Antonella DeCapara and Member Ton Pascal

Members Jody Hoel and Leslie Kavanagh and the swag
Schoolmates Enrico Campana, Martin Weinrieb, and Producer, Don Carmody

Member Deborah Berman from Berman and Co. and Abby set up a little Roccoco display

Members Kathy Vieira and Ken McGuire from Liberty Wardrobe Rental House

Thanks to Rob Doda and Olivia Mizzi for their beautiful photographs.